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Dec 3, 2012 4:00am PST
, the clock is ticking in all of this. where do the talks go from here this week? >> well, the white house said president obama presented his plan last week and the gop leaders shot it down. now, the ball is in the hands of the republicans. right now, it's all about the math. republicans may have to cave on taxes but president obama may have to accept deeper spending cuts. only 18 days left. >> the messy art of compromise. tahman bradley live in washington. >>> and rivers are rising across northern california this morning after three powerful storms blow through in less than a week. the latest round of flooding rain drenched the area yesterday, knocking down giant trees and leaving nearly 100,000 people without power. high winds overturned tractor trailers. abc's cecilia vega shows us what it looked like in california wine country. >> reporter: this is a storm that slammed the west coast from washington all the way down to the san francisco bay area. and this, take a look at it, one of the hardest hit regions, vineyards all over napa valley under water right now. >> a much dryer day is on
Nov 29, 2012 4:00am PST
is going to the white house after all. the former republican candidate is meeting president obama for lunch in the private dining room. mr. obama had promised in his victory speech that he would reach out to his rival. while in washington, romney will sit down with his former running mate, paul ryan. now, that lunch is not going to be open to the media. but, oh, to be a fly or anything on that wall. >> awkward. have fun, fellas. >>> when we come back this morning, get your motor running. the new cars getting the buzz at the l.a. auto show. >>> and you're going to need big bucks at starbucks. the $7 cup of coffee is here. >>> and we can't get enough of powerball. what we're learning about the winning tickets. and a little advice for next time. >>> and welcome back, everyone. three former bp workers are free this morning after being arraigned on manslaughter charger, stemming from the deepwater horizon oil rig explosion. they pleaded not guilty yesterday in new orleans and were released on bond. the men are accused of disregarding high pressure readings just before the blast that killed 11 wo
Nov 30, 2012 4:00am PST
this year's christmas trimmings. >> the white house has released its annual holiday video, showing first dog, bo, checking out his newly-decorated diggs with the obamas nowhere in sight. bo goes room-to-room, until he comes face-to-face with a larger-than-life topiary, made in his likeness. >> it looks like bo won the standoff, ending up with the victory santa hat. >>> and a wealthy man from missouri who won't give his name, visited storm-damaged staten long island and new jersey, handing out $100 bills. >> it earned him lots of hugs and kisses and triggered plenty of tears, as well. the man says it's not about the money. but about the random acts of kindness. well done, sir. >> well done. >>> and check out one of the most daring midair stunts, i think. >> a pilot and a skydiver positioned themselves as close together as possible. and, whoosh, the plane appears to fly between the skydiver's legs. and how about this maneuver? the skydiver seems to touch down on top of the plane. >> and the most daring stunt, the plane goes into a twisting free fall. and the pilot pulls up, just in time to cro
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3